Trading Fees. Maker Orders and Taker Orders are charged a fee as a percentage of the Trade value, expressed in the relevant quote currency. The current fees are posted on the Globitex Website. By placing an Order on a Globitex Order-book, you agree to pay all applicable fees and you authorise Globitex to automatically deduct fees directly from your Globitex Account.

New clients have a 14-day free trial, where no taker and maker fees are charged. After the trial period has ended, the standard commission plan will be enabled. The 14-day free trial starts automatically once your application is approved and your account is active and will end in exactly 14 days, by automatically switching to the Individual / Corporate account commission plan.

Globitex has enabled trading fees (commissions) for each trade performed on the Globitex Exchange. You are able to see your commission plan in your Globitex account under the "Account Status" page.

The commission plan* is as follows:

Commission Plan Taker Fee Maker Fee
Individual / Corporate account 0.2% 0%

* There might be individual commission plans adopted to the specific needs of a client.

All trading fees can be settled in GBX tokens. If the fees are settled in GBX tokens, a discount of 20% of the total value of the fees will be awarded*. The value of the GBX token for trading fee settling on the Globitex platform will be no less than EUR 0.10. If the market value of the GBX token is higher than EUR 0.10, then the market price will be used to calculate the appropriate GBX spending.

* GBX can be used for fee payment and discount is awarded only in case GBX tokens cover the whole sum of the fees.

Settling trading fees with GBX tokens.

When settling fees in GBX, the payment of fees will be automatically paid in the currency used to buy or sell the other currency / token, i.e. the buying/selling currency. In a matter of seconds, the system will calculate the value of GBX needed to cover the fee and will refund the amount paid in the buying/selling currency, simultaneously the amount of GBX that has to be paid in fees will be withdrawn from your account, taking into consideration the minimum GBX value of 0.10 EUR and the GBX discount (by default 20%), meaning that you will be charged 20% of the trading fee if you choose to settle the fee in GBX tokens. It is important to note that you will not have to take any manual steps (asides from checking the “settle fees in GBX” box on your “Settings” and making sure you have enough balance in GBX on your account) and may not even notice the procedure as it will be done by the system automatically and will be completed in a matter of seconds.

NB! please be aware that this may lead to small remaining sums in your account.

Payment Fees. Fees apply to incoming and outgoing Fiat currency payments. All fees are disclosed on Globitex Website. Depending on the payment type, there may be fees applicable to the payment over which Globitex has no control (e.g. certain correspondent bank fees), Globitex shall not be liable for any losses due to these fees. Payment fees are netted out of transfers to or from Globitex. We will not process a transfer if associated payment fees exceed the value of the transfer. Globitex may also charge a payment investigation fee where it needs to obtain additional information about a payment.

Deposit Fees Withdrawal Fees
SEPA (Euro) EUR 0 SEPA (Euro) EUR 0.30
GBX token Miner's fee** GBX token Miner's fee**
Cryptocurrency Free*** Cryptocurrency Miner's fee

* Intermediary banks may deduct additional fees on the way if you use shared (SHA) commission.

** Changes in GBX token deposit and withdrawal fees are subject to miner fees and the market price of the GBX token.

*** Some currencies, e.g. Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens may incur miner fees on deposits

Network Fees. Globitex will apply network fees (miner fees) to process a Cryptocurrency transaction on Blockchain on your behalf. Globitex will calculate the network fee in its discretion, although Globitex will notify you of the network fee at the time you authorise the transaction, however, Globitex at its discretion may choose to revert the Cryptocurrency transaction amount in your Account, or Globitex may process a Cryptocurrency transaction on Blockchain on your behalf with a higher miner fee without notification and by deducting the relevant fee amount from your Cryptocurrency transaction amount or Account if the relevant transaction is not processed within a reasonable time frame with the initial miner fee.

Information updated on: 02.11.2020

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